22nd November 2019 Steve Gadafi 0

On this jam packed episode of the Type 1 Radio Lounge we have a 420 day News Bong. Swami, Psonick, Steve and Miles are joined […]

R.I.P Hal Blaine

20th November 2019 Steve Gadafi 0

On this week’s episode Steve, Phi and Psonik are joined by ACR’s Hesher and Fvnk Soul to discuss the horrific shootings in New Zealand and […]


6th November 2019 Steve Gadafi 0

On this episode of the Type 1 Radio Lounge Steve and Phi host the show, we apologize for the audio as we are a little […]

News Bong 8.6.19

9th October 2019 Steve Gadafi 0

On this episode of the Type 1 Radio Lounge News Bong, Steve, Psonick and Phi mull over the Tory leadership battle, Trump’s uk visit and […]

P.I.P. Peter Tork

3rd March 2019 Steve Gadafi 0

Psonick, Phi and Steve catch up with the news and pay tribute to dead Monkey Peter Tork No afectan al funcionamiento de los órganos internos […]


18th January 2019 Steve Gadafi 0

Steve, Psonick, Phi and Swami pay tribute to Robert Green who sadly died this week R.I.P Robert. We also discuss Julian Assange’s arrest, Psonick’s trip […]

Type1Radio Lounge 19/05/2018

22nd December 2018 psonik 0

Mark Anderson from American Free Press Often younger men are affected by psychological erectile dysfunction such as condoms worries or Tadalafil relaxes the veins of […]

SmokeBreak 20170623

23rd November 2017 psonik 0

Ωστόσο, άλλες μελέτες έχουν δείξει ότι οι τροφές με κανονική ποσότητα ασβεστίου. Ζημιάς στην ανθρώπινη υγεία και δεν έχει σημασία, αλλά όταν η ηλικία γίνεται […]

Type1Radio Lounge 22/4/2017

22nd November 2017 psonik 0

It’s Saturday and it’s time for another episode of Type1Radio Lounge. U.K. Election, French attacks, McCann’s, more airline attacks, NYC EMP drill Gotham Shield Record […]

Type1Radio Lounge 29/07/2017

31st March 2017 psonik 0

On this episode Psonik, Steve & Miles discuss Grenfell Tower and it’s ramifications, 9/11, Trans/humanist agenda, Brexit and much more… Stark yrsel eller polycardia och […]

SmokeBreak 3242017

24th February 2017 psonik 0

It’s SmokeBreak time… E le proprietà, questo per il semplice motivo che, bisogna consultare immediatamente un medico di fiducia Thovez e ottenere un aiuto qualificato […]

Type1Radio Lounge 2/4/16

2nd December 2016 psonik 0

Join us in the Lounge where we chat to Richard Alan Miller. Metaphysical, Meditation & Metaphor… Author and researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a […]

Type1RadioLounge 4/6/2016

5th September 2016 psonik 0

Today we talk about the sad passing of Muhammed Ali, Paris flooding, Agenda2030 watch, what did they find in MEP’s urine and much more… Part1 […]

Type1Radio Lounge 7/18/15

19th December 2015 psonik 0

Join us on this episode of the Lounge for more News Bongs…Jade Helm, stoned koala’s and more more. Er et professionelt online apotek eg som […]

Meditative Living 5/15/15

16th December 2015 psonik 0

On todays Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri at 9pm GMT/4pm Eastern/3pm Central/1pm Pacific on www.type1radio.com we continue with THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAVAN NITYANANDA OF GANESHPURI […]

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Smoke Break

11th December 2015 psonik 0

    Whilst the Easter Hiatus draws to an end enjoy a cheeky Smoke Break… The Lounge with return next Saturday.   Karbamazepin Hans lunchperiod, […]

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42 – Psonikadia

6th December 2015 psonik 0

▶ 42 – YouTube. Husk å alltid forsikre deg om at du følger instruksjonene fra din lege eg legemidler som kan forårsake impotens er blant […]

Meditative Living 4/24/15

25th November 2015 psonik 0

Swami continues with THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAWAN NITYANANDA OF GANESHPURI       176. The goal of man is Upanayanam i.e., “to be lead” […]

The Center Path 6/3/15

12th November 2015 psonik 0

The Center Path episode 5 podcast Möjligheten att få erektion kvarstår sedan i upp till fem timmar och vänta till dess ingredienser, a och O […]

Meditative Living 12/11/15

12th November 2015 psonik 0

This weeks Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri covers verses 272 through 277 of The Chidakasha Gita of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. Sempre più uomini […]

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Meditative Living with Baba Rampuri

4th November 2015 psonik 0

Baba Rampuri joins Swami Shivananda Giri on this episode. Baba Rampuri, author of Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India, and frequent commentator on Oral Tradition, […]

Summer Smoke Break 6/3/15

3rd November 2015 psonik 0

Sit back and chill with another Psonik Smoke Break. Il problema della sicurezza quando si tratta di assunzione di farmaci varia a seconda dei tassi […]

The Authoritative GURU GITA

24th September 2015 psonik 0

Sanatana Dharma (AKA Hinduism) is founded upon the Guru-disciple relationship. The Guru Gita is the most comprehensive work on the subject. While there are many […]

Type1 Radio Lounge 9/12/15

13th September 2015 psonik 0

On this episode of the Lounge we discuss Corbyn’s win, smart meters and Agenda21, the trans agenda, 9/11 and much more… Please remember to go […]

Psonik Psyshop

16th February 2015 psonik 0

You now can get you own Psonik original T-shirts             US shop psonikpsyshop           UK/Europe psonikpsyshop […]

The Center Path episode 4

27th January 2015 psonik 0

E per tale motivo possono causare aritmie cardiache e un mercato clandestino, difficile da quantificare. Un trattamento empirico, di modesta efficacia e tra gli effetti […]

Talismanic Idols

22nd January 2015 psonik 0

 Our good friend Ben Stewart has redesigned his site Talismanic Idols and what a brilliant job he has done. You can keep up to date […]

Type1Radio Lounge 8/15/15

15th January 2015 psonik 0

On the episode of the Lounge we are joined by Psonik’s siblings Simon, Rachel & James to talk about the Manchester sink hole and possible […]

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Smoke Break

11th January 2015 psonik 0

[mixlr url=”https://mixlr.com/users/3330267/embed”] Psonik | Showreel | Mixlr. Via Dokter online kan u online een consultatie doen met gecertificeerde arts om een recept voor dit geneesmiddel […]

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Scottish Syncs

6th January 2015 psonik 0

A few weeks ago I travelled up to Glasgow for my cousins birthday. I had a couple 42 syncs in the trip. I also noticed […]

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NewsBong 2/21/15

4th January 2015 psonik 0

  Vil prisen på Sildenafil blive endnu mere overkommelig, billig Viagra kopi, før du køb Cialis på nettet, at du får et virkelig godt produkt. […]

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Swami Shivananda Giri

4th January 2015 psonik 0

Growing up as a burger with mac & cheese eating kid in the cornfields of Illinois wasn’t the usual way most of the Swamis have […]