Meditative Living 5/15/15

Swami picOn todays Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri at 9pm GMT/4pm Eastern/3pm Central/1pm Pacific on we continue with THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAVAN NITYANANDA OF GANESHPURI Verse 194.

194. Everything comes out from within; not from out. One becomes bad by oneself; one becomes good by
oneself. Similarly, there should be OMKAR-breathing within. Then, there is purity. When evil merges in the
good, that evil is transformed into good; the thing in your own hand has no smell; it has no price. A thing that is
got from others, has smell; it has price. A Raja-Yogi-Mahatma is Nityananda, All pervasive OMKAR, Allpervasive
Pranava. He who is the Sri Guru is Nityananda. In the beginning, before perfect peace is attained, the
power of Maya (delusion) in us will be greatly manifested. Wherever you turn your eyes, you see serpents. In
the beginning, when you sit for practice, the heaviness of a mountain is experienced. At times, you feel as if you
leave off the ground; you feel as if you are sitting in the sea; you feel as if hot water is poured on you. At
another time, you feel as if you are sitting in a grand upper-story. Sometime, you feel like a needle. At another
time, you feel like a leaf. Some time, you do not feel whether you are walking or sitting or talking. At another
time all feeling comes to a stand still. Sometime, the body becomes quite motionless like a coconut tree. At
another time, human beings appear like actors in a dramatic performance. At one time you see black faces. In
perfect Peace, one indivisible whiteness is visible. Light is in Darkness; Darkness is in Light. The whole
Universe is Darkness. In the Universe, is Light. At one time, all this appears like a bioscopic performance; at
another time, like Sat-Chit-Ananda. At one time, questions arise: “Why have men come into this world?
Whither are they going?” They do not know what their main duty is. Coming down is not permanent. Going up
and up, is permanent. To those, who have gone step by step to the upper story and look around, what is heard,
what appears, what is done, all is like a net, that cannot be cut through. All penetrating OMKAR is the allpenetrating
Pranava. Birds are like aeroplanes. Men are like beasts. Beasts are like men. Dogs are like Jnyanis If
you feed a dog, it will never forget you tell its death. It will have constant love for the master, who has fed it but
once. Men have no subtle discrimination. They think not whence they have come and whither they are bound. A
man of perfectly ripe understanding should be like a dog.

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