Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri Jnaneshwar’s Gita Episode #3

Namaste & blessings, may your inner and outer richness and joy increase until only The One remains!  This Swami welcomes you with great love and great respect from the heart of ALL!

On this episode we conclude the first chapter The Depression of Arjuna from this most extraordinary commentary on the ancient Bhagavad Gita which was transcribed in 1290 ce from the words of a teenage yogi named Jnaneshwar, pronounced Gee-yahn-esh-wahr.

This text, Jnaneshwar’s Gita A Rendering of the Jnaneshwari was written in English by Swami Kripananda and published by State University of New York Press © 1989.

Most humble thanks and reverence to this Swami’s SadGuru, H.H. Mahamandaleshwar Paramahamsa Swarupananda Vishwa Guru Maharaj Swami for freely giving and guiding this Swami to the heart of ALL!  It is at his feet you will now and forever find this disciple seated blissfully.

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