Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri 10/16/15

On today’s episode join Swami for further exploration of The Chidakasha Gita of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.  We cover verses 257 through 265 and announce the next Meditative Living program project!

257. Dharana is the means by which Buddhi’s power of discrimination is increased. Dharana is the path to Mukti. Dharana is the path leading to the highest. Prana (life energy) to become steady, Dharana is a means. When life energy becomes steady, the mind becomes steady. When Prana is given an “upward” direction, then Jnana enters every nerve and peace is the resultant. Then nature and the subtle become separated. Then powers resulting from yoga peace of mind, forgiveness, patience – these are experienced in Buddhi. Those who practice constant Dharana feel that the whole external world is existing in themselves. One should, being quite steady in mind, be enjoying eternal joy (Nityananda). Atma is beyond all karmas and formality. Karma is that which is done without attachment. A man is free from sin if he performs karmas disinterestedly. Karma is that which is done by the knowledge of Atma who is actionless and passionless.

Commentary: The constant, steady contemplation or rumination over God (dharana) is how the individual intellect is purified. It is how you develop the subtle discrimination that allows you to see God at all times. This steady contemplation, this constant remembrance of God is the path to Liberation. Through dharana, the breath becomes slow and steady. When Prana, the life force, becomes steady, the mind becomes quiet. When this Prana is directed upward into the Sushumna to Sahasrar, Jnana (true knowledge/wisdom) enters every nerve of your being and a steady peace is the result. When this steady peace dawns, you are able to discriminate between what is real and what is unreal. You are able to observe God’s immanent and transcendental aspects at play and you are able to choose the transcendental over the ignorance of worldliness. Then the qualities of peace, compassion, patience and forgiveness come looking for you. When you practice the constant dharana that quiets the mind, your experience is that the entire universe exists inside you and is reflected on your own internal screen. In this way, you come to enjoy eternal Bliss (Nityananda). This state of Bliss is the Atman. It is beyond all activity and formality. Selfless Service (Seva or Karma Yoga) is that which is done without attachment to the result. A person is freed from the bondage of ignorance when she performs actions with complete dispassion. When you perform karma (action) in this way, you do not create any new karmas for yourself.

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