Meditative Living 10/9/15

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This swami welcomes you with great love and great respect from the heart of ALL!

On this episode of Meditative Living with Swami Shivananda Giri we continue our work with The Chidakasha Gita of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri from verse 248.

248. Think and think about BRAHMAN. Mind, though seemingly different, is one and one only. Mind when it is onepointed is great indeed. This Mind is the eternal “Mind”. This eternal Mind “Supreme Joy” (Happiness). This eternal Mind is called “Chadakash” Consciousness space) A clean Mind is clean space. A clean space is “Siddhi” (fulfillment). This clean space is Yoga (Union with God head). This clean space is the heart, When you move in this clean space, it is the “fulfillment”. When you move in this clean space the difference between “You” and “I” will vanish. In this clean space is Mukti (Liberation from bondage), Bhakti (Selfless love for God) Shakti (Energy) and the Path suitable. This clean space is in Budhi (Intellect). When the Jeeva dwells in this clean space, the attachments to sense in Brahma-Randhra (the cavity in which Brahma-Radhra (the cavity in which Brahma dwells). What is called Raja Yoga is above the neck. What is called the ‘colour cavity’ is above the neck.

Commentary: – Think and think, within yourself about BRAHMAN. Through, seemingly, Minds of men seem to be different, they are one and one only, The seeming difference is delusion, Realising the “One” in the “Many” is seeing the ATMAN in all. When the desires are annihilated, all Minds will seem to become. Mind is without form. Mind is in the form of air (vayu). Mind, when it is one-pointed, is very great indeed. One-pointed Mind is the eternal Mind/ “Eternal Mind” is nothing but “Supreme Joy”. Eternal Mind is called “Chidakash” (Consciousness-space). A pure Mind is always in a pure “Chidakash”. The realisation of “Chidakash” is the fulfilment of man’s goal, (Mukti). “Chidakash” is Yogam i.e. a place where Jeeva realise Shiva, What is called “Chidakash” is the heart. By concentration upon the heart-space, a man can attain heart-space a man can cast off his “Ego”. The feeling “it is you” and “it is I” will vanish when Jeeva is one with the heart-space. In this pure space is Mukti (Jeeva’s emancipation from Bondage) Bhakti ( pure selfless love for God), shakti (Energy) and the path suitable. Pure space is in Budhi (Intellect). When the Jeeva dwells wholly in this pure space the attachment to sense-objects will be burnt away This pure space is what we call BRAHMARANDHRA (cavity at the end of the Sushumna Canal in the spinal column). What is called the Raja Yoga is above the neck. That is, when the “coiled-up energy” in man (the Kundalini) rise through the “Sushumna” above the neck, a man will step in the domain of Raja Yoga. When the Kundalini does not rise above the neck, through the Sushumna, we call such a yoga Hata Yoga. What is called “Varna Radhra (colour cavity) is also above the neck, When the Kundalini rises to “Varna-Radhra” light of various colours are seen in the head. 249. Mantra is this brahma-Radhra, (Brahma-cavity) Mantra is the minister to Prana.

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