A Welcome From Phi

Welcome to the all new Type 1 set up and thanks for dropping by my blog.  As I look to the year ahead there seems, for good or bad to be something of a wow factor in the stars.


We will see the final two full lunar eclipses in a tetrad sequence, tetrad being a series of four consecutive eclipses. A tetrad is a rare event and until 1900 there had been none for 300 years and if that weren’t special enough the moon will appear red in what is known as a blood moon. Eclipses where seen by the ancient Greeks as woe betiding but we could be less fearful and see them merely as strong points of change after which things will never be the same.

Apr 4, 2015 — Partial Lunar Eclipse – Where and when to see.


If this be the case hold on to your hat, keep your feet on the ground and forge ahead with with all the love and strength you can muster to change things for the better. The unknown may be frightening but like a lovers kiss, a marriage or giving birth there is also beauty in uncertainty and anticipation, do not fear the commitment this crazy thing called life offer’s you. It all starts on March 20th with a solar eclipse. Here’s to exciting developments in our humble radio station, and I’ll leave you with a link to your astrological year.

Jonathan Cainer on a year of significant astrological events and what they mean for YOU  | Daily Mail Online.



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