Type1Radio Lounge – 27 January 2018

Come listen to another wonderful wide-ranging free-range episode of Type1Radio Lounge. Psonik is away again, so Miles takes the captain’s chair once again. Steve, Phi and Swami ride shotgun.

This week we start out with more on the reaction to the super-viral Cathy Newman-Jordan Peterson interview on Channel4. Miles recaps how the NSA mission statement is devoid of honesty. We head deeper into the rabbit-hole that is the future with news that children will be assisting the police in the UK. Steve remembers the $8 million in Bitcoin that 50 Cent forgot he had. Swami discusses how California is fighting pollution by clutching at straws. And Steve wants to know if the future will be staffed and populated by an army of monkey clones. And lets not forget about the disasters unfolding in Syria and Afghanistan.

Come and enjoy a little peek down the rabbit hole.


Topics discussed:

NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” From Core Values

Terror bobbies on the CHEAP: Volunteers will be used to take on jihadis in just one of the controversial new plans to deploy the public on the crime-fighting beat

Arsenal signs crypto-currency deal with gaming firm CashBet

50 Cent forgot he had a stash of Bitcoin now worth $8m

California lawmaker targets plastic straws at restaurants to help environment

California Considers $1,000 Fine for Waiters Offering Unsolicited Plastic Straws

Congress Reauthorizes NSA Spying on Americans

Afghanistan’s Return To Carnage and America’s Most Devious “Forgotten War”

Monkey Clones Created in the Lab. Now What?

In World First, Monkeys Cloned Like Dolly the Sheep

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