Type1Radio Lounge – 10 February 2018

JOIN US! This week’s brand new episode of Type1Radio Lounge features Psonik taking point in the captain’s chair as usual, supported by Steve and Miles as usual. Unfortunately, Swami and Phi were unavailable for this episode.

This week we have a special treat for listeners, as we are joined by special guest Mark Anderson, veteran journalist, Bilderberg hunter extraordinaire, frequent guest on the UK Column, and roving editor of ‘America’s last real newspaper’, American Free Press.

We invited Mark on the show to talk about the ‘global cities’ agenda; we find out

  • the role of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and its annual Chicago Forum on Global Cities
  • why Rahm Emmanuel was installed as the Mayor of Chicago
  • how the ‘cities’ agenda fits in with Agenda 21 and the climate change agenda
  • Sadiq Khan’s role as Mayor of London
  • How Donald Trump may be playing into the hands of the globalists

We also discuss the Bilderberg Group and their meetings, as Mark recently broke the news that this year’s meeting would be held in Turin, Italy.

In the final segment we briefly discuss the situation in Syria, how a UK university is blocking research on transgender regret, and Miles rants about recent goings-on in the Twittersphere.


Topic Discussed:

American Free Press

The Truth Hound

TECHNOCRACY INC: Now Charging for Roads By the Mile

‘The Shroud of Turin’ Lifted: Bilderberg to Meet in Italy in June

Syrian Military Shoots Down Israeli F-16, Israel Responds with More Airstrikes

U.S. dismisses fears of wider war after deadly Syria clashes

SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley on The Corbett Report Discussing the White Helmet Propaganda Construct

George Galloway talks to Eva Bartlett about the dire state of US and UK coverage on Syria

Sibel without Sally Field plus AFRICOM

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