Type1Radio Lounge – 1 December 2018

Join us for a brand new LIVE episode of Type1Radio Lounge. Tonight we are back with a bang, with Miles in the Captain’s chair, who is joined by Steve and Swami. Phi and Psonik are unavailable this evening but Psonik will be back at the helm for future shows.

Our special guest this evening is journalist Mark Anderson, a regular here at Type1Radio and good friend of the show. If you haven’t heard Mark here, you may have seen some of his frequent appearances on UK Column or read his work for American Free Press.

Come join in the fun in our chatroom. Music in the breaks.


Topics discussed:

Mark Anderson

After Pittsburgh, Techniques of Mass Media Cartel to Poison Public Discourse Dissected

‘G-9,’ New World Police Force, Being Pushed by Chicago, New York Foreign Policy Establishments

Mark Anderson Returns to RBN Dec. 3rd With New ‘Stop the Presses’ Show

The DOG accused of a hate crime

The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

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