Type1Radio Lounge 26-08-2017

27th August 2017 psonik 0

Join us for another episode of Type1 Radio Lounge where we discuss Trump and Afghanistan, Jordan Peterson, Hurricane Harvey, the eclipse, driverless trucks and much […]

Type1Radio Lounge 8/7/2017

9th July 2017 psonik 0

On this episode of the Lounge we continue with the Agenda21/2030 theme discussing the emergence of the mayoral ‘city states’ with the C40 smart city […]

Type1Radio Lounge 22/4/2017

22nd April 2017 psonik 0

It’s Saturday and it’s time for another episode of Type1Radio Lounge. U.K. Election, French attacks, McCann’s, more airline attacks, NYC EMP drill Gotham Shield Record […]