Type1Radio Lounge – 2 December 2017

Join us TONIGHT for a brand new LIVE broadcast of Type1Radio Lounge. Psonik is in the driver’s seat where he’ll be joined by co-hosts Steve, Phi, Miles and Swami.

Our guest tonight is Matt Demeter, an old friend of Miles’ from their university days, but more importantly a professional investor focused on the disruptive technologies with exponential growth potential that may be about to change our world forever. Among the technologies Matt keeps an eye on are artificial intelligence (AI) and the singularity, self-driving cars, robotics and other forms of automation, solar power, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, biotech advances such as gene editing, among many others.

Expect a lively discussion as we chat with Matt about these technologies and what they mean for the future of humanity. We’ll also discuss the week’s events, with music during the breaks.


Show notes:

Matt’s podcast:
Innovative ProfitsĀ https://www.dnainvestor.com/podcasts/

Matt’s websites:
Demeter Research https://www.demeterresearch.com/
DNA Investor https://www.dnainvestor.com/


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