Type1Radio Lounge – 16 December 2017

Join hosts Miles, Steve, Phi and Swami for a brand new episode of Type1Radio Lounge. Tonight they are joined by special guest Hesher, host of Alternate Current Radio’s Boiler Room and the producer of 21st Century Wire’s Sunday Wire. As Psonik can’t be with us tonight, Miles is filling in as tonight’s producer.

Tonight’s discussion kicks off with recognition of the good work done by 21st Century Wire in pushing the story of British taxpayer money ending up in the hands of jihadis in Syria into the mainstream. We then talk about the city of Chicago, where there are simultaneous calls for greater powers for cities and for UN peacekeepers to maintain law and order there. We take a moment to remember the 5-year anniversary of the events at Sandy Hook, as well as the 6-month anniversary of the fire at Grenfell Tower. We discuss the various incarnations of hate speech in the news this week, with Twitter trolls being sentenced to prison and Canadian teachers in trouble for teaching. We round out the show with talk about a couple of animal mishaps and instances of AI run amok.


Topics discussed:

What to Expect From BBC Panorama and Guardian’s Whitewash of UK Gov’t Funding Terrorists in Syria

Official Calls for UN Peacekeepers to Be Deployed on Streets of Chicago

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs – Forum on Global Cities

Building firms that installed cladding on Grenfell-style blocks rehired to remove it

‘I was saved from a £10,000 car scam’

Teenager jailed for trolling footballer Andy Woodward about abuse

Police arresting nine people a day in fight against web trolls

Entrepreneur hauled into court for hate crimes after saying ‘all right geezer’ to a transgender war veteran

The Lindsay Shepherd case

Surreal Sight of Hundreds of Dead Birds Stuns Swedish Countryside

San Francisco Aquatic Park shut over ‘aggressive’ sea lions

Same sea lion eyed in two separate attacks in San Francisco cove

This Google AI created a ‘child’ AI to help it solve problems

New AI That Makes Fake Videos May Be the End of Reality as We Know It

Chinese woman offered refund after facial recognition allows colleague to unlock iPhone X

Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire and wife found dead in Toronto in ‘suspicious’ circumstances

Geldof would be ‘honoured’ to retain Freedom award


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