Type1Radio Lounge – 11 August 2018

Join us for another episode of Type1Radio Lounge. Phi is unavailable tonight, and Steve and Psonik will be joining later during the show.

So Miles will kick things off with Swami and Type1Radio veteran Mark Anderson the Truth Hound for a discussion of the the week’s info. We’re covering the ‘censorship’ of Alex Jones and his Infowars empire, an update on Mark’s ongoing Global Cities investigation, and other tidbits from the week’s news, with music in the breaks.

Topics discussed:

The Ship That Won’t Sink!

røøtz Asylum

Family say they have been forced to close their cafe after complaints over the Union Jack flags they stuck in their fry-ups

China bans Winnie the Pooh film after comparisons to President Xi

NXIVM Cult and Eyes Wide Shut Style Pedocracy – Boiler Room EP #175

Monsanto ordered to pay $289m as jury rules weedkiller cause of man’s cancer

Bayer Admits It Paid “Millions” in HIV Infection Cases — Just Not in English

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