Type1 Night Out




Last Sunday the Type1Radio crew, namely me (Psonik), Steve, Phi & Vic went to see Richard D. Hall speak here in Brighton. As we are all big fans of the great work that Richard is doing, it was a pleasure to see him in person. The venue, Latest Music Bar, was full and there were so many people in attendance that a screen with the live feed had to be placed in the bar area, for the people buying tickets on the night. Before Richard’s talk, various shows from the richplanet site vast archive played on the projector. Richard’s presentation consists of information covered in some of which appeared on his tv show and also some which he has not been able to air.

The first 90 minutes detailed 2 new documentaries, Patsy Driver, investigating the Derrick Bird and his possible mind control and a new 3 hour documentary on the Madeline McCann case. Richard did very well in compacting 5 hours of information and months of research into 90 minutes. I won’t attempt to convey any of it, but would recommend you to either buy or view (when available) these documentaries from his site.

After a 20 minute break the presentation continued with Richard talking about the subversion of a nation and the work of¬†Yuri Bezmenov, then applying it to what is happening in the UK and the rest of the world by the power elite. He went on to talk about the Malaysian situation, the plane crashes, the guilty verdict of Bush & Blair and how this plays in the the geo-political scenario. The whole presentation showed Richard’s excellent evidence based research and attention to detail.

All together this was a great night out.

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