The Type1Radio Lounge welcomes Gordon & Janet Sat. April 25th.

This swami is now the producer of The Whole Agenda with Gordon James Gianninoto Friday nights on Revolution Radio.  Gordon and his wife Janet will join us on The Lounge to discuss he and Janet’s lives of interaction and contact with positive ET’s and the world changing events to come.  At age 15 Gordon was selected as a future astronaut and given a grant by the National Science Foundation to study astronomy, astrophysics and space science.  He ended up with degrees in both psychology and law becoming an attorney, author, artist, commercial fisherman and contractor.  Janet is a natural psychic and a shaman who has been utilized to create hybrid children she still has contact with.  Gordon has appeared on over 700 radio shows and has been heard by millions.  Now living on a mountain top blueberry farm in Maine Gordon & Janet will advise people how  to prepare for and what to expect before, during and after what is commonly referred to as Planet X moves through our solar system as it does in 3600 year cycles causing a pole-shift.  Join us at 9p GMT/4p Eastern/3p Central/1p Pacific


Gordon James Gianninoto – THE WHOLE AGENDA.

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