Meditative Living 5/8/15

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Swami continues with

THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAWAN NITYANANDA OF GANESHPURI VerseĀ 187. What the nest is to the bird, is the body to the Soul. The body is the house of the Soul. What is “that house” and what is “this house” is subtle discrimination. The gross body is the beggarly house. What to say of Brahmananda! No one can describe it. Truly, truly, realise that the Eternal ATMAN is ONE in ALL; Hari is not the knower; Shiva is the Knower. What is Hari is wandering. “Hari! Hari! I want this”; “I want that” “Give me, give me” you say. This is of no use. Such a man is never happy. Let Hari merge in Hara. Burn Hari in Hara. Saying “Hari, Hari” is nothing but mental delusion. You praise Hara, hiding this delusion is your Mind! He who has given you Eternal Joy is Shiva. Shiva is the Giver of Eternal Mukti (Liberation) and Eternal bhakti. What is Hari is keeping the mind in he world. Shiva is keeping the whole Universe in one’s Self. Saying “Hari, Hari” is going down. But Shiva is the guide to the path of Bliss. Mukti is got by the upward course of Prana. Hari is like a horse without reins.

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