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Type1 Night Out

10th April 2015 psonik 0

    Last Sunday the Type1Radio crew, namely me (Psonik), Steve, Phi & Vic went to see Richard D. Hall speak here in Brighton. As […]

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It’s full of Stars…

9th March 2015 psonik 0

Mystery ‘noise’ could be an Earth-like world: Strange signals suggest habitable planet exists 22 light years away….I think they have been sending me messages for […]

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sync blogs

6th March 2015 psonik 0

Here is a list of my favourite sync blogs, full of mind-blowing connections. Jason Barrera¬†the mask of god. Darren Broo Just Watching the Wheels Go […]

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Welcome to

5th March 2015 psonik 0

Hi folks, Psonik here. Well finally Type1Radio has it’s very own website and about bloody time ! Things over at blogtalk were getting worse with […]