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The last Meditative Living on Blogtalk, will be live Friday 9p GMT/4p Eastern/3p Central/1p Pacific, ever after Meditative Living will be found at Swami continues with Verse 122 from THE CHIDAKASHA GITA OF BHAGAWAN NITYANANDA OF GANESHPURI. Here is the first verse to be discussed…

122. OMKAR is the elite of all. Omkar is like the dawn of the sun. Omkar is the witness of all. Omkar is the most frightful of all forms. Omkar is fire. There is not a greater thing in this universe than fire. Fire is pervading both internally and externally. In the middle is the earth. The earth is below. Air is above. Air pervades the universe. The universe is in air. The first is air. The second is fire. The first is discrimination. The second is sound. Soundlessness is in the form of air. Soundlessness is eternal bliss. It is existence, knowledge, bliss. The Self should be merged in soundlessness. The visible world is in the Self. When SAT unites with CHIT, Ananda is realized. This Ananda is Vivekananda, Chaitanyananda, Sri Brahmananda, Paramananda, Sri Nityananda, and Satchitananda. What is manliness is the realization of this Ananda. This is Brahma Jnana, Yoga Jnana, Kala Jnana. This Trikala Jnana is in the heart. In the heart is Mukti. Nityananda Mukti is in the heart.

On April 6th this swamis name will become legally changed to Swami Shiva, drivers license, passport, birth certificate will be re-issued and all other identification documents and records will be changed.
This swamis Dr. is going to play a role in this swami giving meditation classes through our local hospital CENTER FOR HEALTHY LIVING. Lol, these folks have no clue what is gonna happen, ha ha ha.
March 15 Frater X and this swami will present Mysticism East & West in Kansas City and will lead meditation after the free seminar that will be live streamed video on & audio on  Mater X will be on hand as well, Shakti Ma won’t be attending that event as she stays here at the ashram looking after the new addition to the ashram family named Raja.FraterXNSwamiShiv.
April 10, 11, 12 will be leading meditation sessions at Free Your Mind 3 conference in Philly, might speak, that is yet to be determined. This swami and Shakti Ma are very happy and honored to be hosted by Mark Passio and his lovely lady Barb during the time in Philly.  Mark hosts What On Earth Is Happening found here
Attached is a pic of Bhagawan Nityananda taken in the 50’s in a temple in India with his halo plainly visible.  The shakti energy He transmitted to Baba Muktananda who transmitted it to this swamis Guru, His Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Paramahamsa Swarupananda Vishwa Guru Maharaj, who transmits the very same energy through this swami to you today as evidenced in the light anomaly surrounding this swami body in the pic below.
Spring is coming, things are budding yet to burst and grow!
Nit.haloSwami with HH Malibu Templeswami shivananda giri
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